Thank you for the incredible healing session. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. From the moment you connected with me, I felt the energy rising and entering my energy field. By the end of the session, I was in a state of bliss. I could feel the energy working on areas that were keeping me stuck. Each troubling issue we discussed was energetically brought to the surface and the density cleared. I felt very centered and balanced, at peace. You are a very gifted healer. I’m grateful our paths…

– Micheila


I had a Session with Avilone and was impressed by all the things that came up that were accurate and specific to me.  She was able to identify many areas that have been a concern for me and address them.  She even picked up that my thoughts and feelings are sometimes “all over the place” and how that was affecting my energy.  There have been times in my life where I have felt scared and that was addressed, as well.  I was amazed when the coldness in my feet and legs came up and what the source of it was. Then she brought up and was able to address the heat and sweating that I’ve had for 15 years.  When the Session was ending, I could feel quite a bit of tingling and energy moving.  I also had an emotional release, which I was grateful that she didn’t have to identify where it was coming from but just release it. She cleared a massive amount of energy in my chest which I felt right away. It was a lightness I haven’t felt in over ten years. I felt clear and peaceful throughout the whole session. It was amazing the issues that were covered in our first Session and I’m looking forward to our next! Avilone is an amazing gift!! I’ve had many sessions before with others and never felt the amount of progress as I did with her! She is kind and compassionate! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience!

– Kim


I have thoroughly enjoyed two insightful sessions with Avilone. Each time the shift was immediate, simple and the results obvious. I highly recommend a session with Avilone for anyone seeking to improve, transform and let go of negative, hampering blocks!



Avilone I want to thank you for the amazing healing session. From the moment you tuned into my energy I felt things starting to shift. As you removed some long standing mental blocks I could feel the words slipping out the back of my mind, until I could not remember the old beliefs I had. Furthermore, you instantly removed the headache that I had been suffering with for two days. I had been suffering with recurrent headaches for the last 6 months, however, since our session i have not had…

– Gemma


Everyone should experience the journey and healing that Avilone Bailey so gently and lovingly takes you on. I was amazed by the counsel and words she shared. During my session, I felt lifelong experiences and traumas acknowledged and released. Her humility and caring were awesome. She is a unique gift to humankind. Thank you!

– Evelyn


Avilone has a wonderful gift that allows her to gently clear the emotional fields of a person. She can tap into energies and see where adjustments can be made to create an opening for emotional healing. I have had two sessions with Avilone so far and I’ve been very pleased and thankful for both of them! She is very sweet and has a soft approach about her. I highly recommend her!

– Natasha