My Staying in the Flow™ Program is a wonderful and effective way to receive loving support as you continue to make progress in your personal journey toward change, release and freedom.  

A safe and sacred space is held for you in each call.  In my monthly Group Program, you will receive my direct support that continues to work in ways that are unique to you.  Each Group Session also offers the benefit of the Group’s synergy.  Synergy is the where the effect is greater than the sum of the individual parts; this means that your experience can be enhanced through participation in my Group.

My Staying in the Flow™ Program gives you the opportunity to bask in the Loving Energies as they continue to work with your energy field bringing peace, love and balance.  This warm and consistent support can contribute to you feeling lighter and free as your energy releasing continues moving you toward an energy transformation.

This Group Program is unique and a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience working with me and has facilitated extraordinary changes and transformations to others.

In my monthly Group Program, week 1 and week 2 are 30-minute live Energy Healing calls where all participants are muted so each can receive the Loving Energies without noise or distraction while being able to see and hear me.  These calls are recorded and sent to you so you can listen to the replays and receive the benefits of the recorded Energies.

Week 3 is a 30-minute Open Call in which you and the members of the Group can share your experiences and ask me questions.  This call is also recorded and sent to you.  The Open Call allows you to hear and connect with those who are on a journey similar to yours.  The Open Call is designed to be uplifting, inspiring and encouraging.  Many in the Group long for this opportunity to interact with me and the Group as we travel this path of release and freedom.

Week 4 is dedicated to the integration of the energy shifts you are experiencing and can include a specific focus or intention that supports your journey and progress in the release of unwanted emotions.

The Group Program is a wonderful way to receive direct support from me while benefitting from being an integral part of a Group and Community while staying in the flow of your gentle release toward emotional freedom and transformation.

$127 for One 30-Minute Private Session

Others have shared their experiences about my Group Program:

“I have felt and continue to feel the shifting and healing taking place in my body.  I feel the support, encouragement and uplifting you and the beings of light have offered. Your voice and calm insightful manner was so very soothing and comforting to me.  I felt comfortable with lots of individual attention at the same time being part of a group and anonymous.  You feel so loving and helpful without any judgment. Thank you!”

“Thank you for another very powerful session! The platform raising experience was amazing. Many blessings!”

“Thank you so much for transferring these lovely energies. They are so soothing and relaxing. I have had  a lot of trauma in life… So there is a great relief that I don’t feel like crying and that I can just relax and enjoy. I really love these energies and I am going to listen to the recordings every day. Looking forward for the next!  Sending you lots of love and blessings!”