Ready to Easily and Quickly Transform Your Life?


It’s time to Release Your Pain, Stress, Emotions and Hurts That are Keeping You Stuck and Feeling Unhappy!


You can NOW Experience the calm, loving Energies that gently release you to Live, Love and Experience the life your Heart desires. 


Leave the suffering behind.  NOW is the time.

People come to me because they want to be free from their hurts, regrets, sadness, disappointments and more. You, just like many people, begin to realize that hurt and pain are interfering with your living the life you really want and truly deserve.

Most people just want to feel good!

And perhaps, like you, don’t know how to release and be free of hurts and pain in a way that is gentle and especially, in a way that is not about re-living anything!

People come to me to help free them from:

  • Emotional pain from the past or present
  • Physical pain caused by stored emotions
  • Toxic relationships, past or present
  • Childhood traumas
  • Unhealthy habits and behaviors
  • Confusion about their Life Path or Purpose
  • A job that isn’t satisfying
  • And so much more….

 I help people from all walks of life gently let go of their stored emotions so they are free to embrace feeling good.

Whatever you are experiencing, my help is now available.  I’ve become Adept at working with energy and am an Expert in helping people like you get unstuck and move forward in their life.

My Energy Healing is unique and, typically, the results are immediate, the benefits become evident very quickly and continue with time.

My approach is gentle, calm and loving and is NOT about re-living anything!

Your path to emotional relief and freedom begins with YOU! 

I offer several Programs for you to choose from.

Take the first step NOW so we can get started! 

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*As a SPECIAL BONUS, every Session you have with me is recorded and sent to you!  Each recording offers the benefit of continuing the Energetic Support transmitted in our Live Session!  This gives you continual support with replays!  People who have listened to the replays have written to me expressing how they continue to benefit by listening their recording.



 Here are my 3 Special Programs where you get to experience the Unique Energies while working with me 1 on 1 toward your Personal Transformation:


Accelerate Your Life™  (One-on-One Private Sessions only)

This Package is designed for concentrated progress.  It is in-depth and specific to you and your journey designed to propel you forward in growth and understanding through the release of stuck and stored emotions.  The process is gentle, calm and loving and is not about reliving anything.  Come prepared to step forward, to transform and to embrace what awaits you. 

One-on-One plus Group Programs  (2 options)

Immerse YourSelf™ (Best Value)  ~or~  the Essence of Self™  (Short-Term)

Each of these Programs offers one-on-one Private Sessions that are unique and specific to you.  You’ll have a Private Session at the beginning of your Program and again at the end of your Program.  After your first Private Session, you will have access to my Staying in the Flow monthly program.  My one-of-a-kind monthly program gives you added support and benefit as you integrate the shifts and changes from the release of stuck and stored emotions, facilitating your energetic transformation.  The process of release is gentle, calm and loving and is not about re-living anything.  Come prepared to be embraced by the flow of loving and gentle Energies. 

Staying in the Flow™  (Monthly Group Program)

My one-of-a-kind monthly program is designed to enhance your progress through ongoing energetic support.  You must have had at least one Private Session with me before entering into the warm welcome of this energy healing space.  Come to enjoy, receive and to join a Community of others who are in the Flow of their journey.  Come prepared to be embraced by the flow of loving and gentle Energies.

If you aren’t sure which program to choose or which will be the right fit for you, please email me through my contact page and I’ll be happy to respond.



Prior to your session, give consideration as to what you would like to focus on–an emotion, a situation, a challenge, a difficulty, a relationship (past or present)–or what changes in your life you would like to experience, such as, behaviors, habits, beliefs, perspective. Come to the session with an open mind and a willingness to go where the Energies lovingly take us. Come exactly as you are as you will be fully accepted and lovingly supported.



With Avilone’s help, I’ve gained calm, clarity and balance in my life. She helped free me from intense back and shoulder pain caused by stress. I couldn’t have made it through that period of my life without her. Thank you so much, Avilone!



Avilone has a wonderful gift that allows her to gently clear the emotional fields of a person. She can tap into energies and see where adjustments can be made to create an opening for healing. I have had two sessions with Avilone so far…