Immerse YourSelf Program™ and Essence of Self Program™

Experience the benefits of my Immerse YourSelf Program™ or Essence of Self Program™.  Each is a combination of Private Sessions and my monthly Staying in the Flow Program™. 

Each Private Session warmly supports you with where you are and allows for the release of your unwanted, stored emotions in a space that is soft, kind and gentle.  It is a space of non-judgment where you can benefit from the flow of loving, calm Energies providing you with the opportunity for significant transformation.   My Sessions are not about re-living anything.

Through your Private Sessions with me you have the potential for healing past and present experiences, improving your relationships, bringing benefit to family members, being freed from physical pain caused by stored emotions, being released from unhealthy habits, inhibiting beliefs or toxic patterns of behavior.  It’s possible to be unstuck from relationships, job or life situations.  It’s possible for your life path to be revealed in right timing.  All of these have transpired for others and it may happen for you, too!  Your life awaits you.  Now is the time claim the life you desire.

* In my Immerse YourSelf Program™ you will receive sustained support in your commitment to your in-depth journey of Release and Freedom.  You’ll experience a flow and a pace that is steady and gentle.

* My Essence of Self Program™ provides for you a gentle, shorter journey and is offered for those who choose to address priority issues in an abbreviated span of time.

While in either of these 2 programs, you’ll have access to my Staying in the Flow Program™.

My monthly Staying in the Flow Program™ is where you continue to receive the support of the loving, gentle Energies that flow freely and generously in each call.  Please click HERE to learn more about my one-of-a-kind monthly program and the benefits it holds for you.

My programs provide you with continuing support and engagement on your life changing journey of releasing the emotions that are interfering with you experiencing the life you deserve and want.  It’s time to release the emotions that are sabotaging you, whether from the past or the present, and to embrace the life that awaits you.

Claim the life you want now.  It’s waiting for you.

$127 for One 30-Minute Private Session

“Our healing experience together had the most beautiful, transmuting effect on my reality. The energetic drains you helped me release has me feeling lighter and seeing clearer than I have in what feels like a very long time.

I am experiencing incredible shifts of growth in every aspect of my life! In my relationships, with home and finances, clarity of purpose, depth of vision, etc. There have been all manner of effects! Detox symptoms, emotional triggers, physical sensations and feelings of release, crying, laughing, muscle pains, deep emotional conversations, old friends moving away, and the list goes on. Thank you for this precious gift.”


“Thank you so much, Avilone, for this amazing session together which has lifted some heavy and painful old karmic wounds and brought a Clear Light on recent life events. I believe Knowledge is Power, so Universe is always helping us by putting some beautiful Souls in our life, when the time is right, and you are certainly one of them. By going through both individual and group sessions, the pieces of the puzzle have finally been put together and this is something I’ve been expecting for a very long time. What better Gift at the end of this year 2017 than a Soul Liberation which is now opening the Right Doors to the accomplishment of my Life Path Mission with Passion, Fairness, Integrity and Unconditional Love? I’m forever grateful and so look forward to stay in touch in the New Year. With Much Love and Joyful Blessings”

Noelle K