Staying in the Flow™  (Monthly Group Session Membership)

Week 1:   30 minute Group Energy Session

Week 2:   30 minute Group Energy Session

Week 3:   30 minute Open Call

Week 4:   Self integration/focus/intention

This is a monthly program designed to enhance your progress through ongoing energetic support.

Week 1 and week 2 are Group Energy Sessions with Avilone, 30 minutes each, in which Energy transmissions are made available to you.  All participants will be muted in the Group Sessions so that each can receive the Energies without noise or distractions.

In week 3, you can participate in an Open Call, an opportunity for sharing with Avilone and the Group.

Week 4 is set aside for integration specific to your individual journey, focus and intention.

Come to enjoy, receive and to join a Community of others who are in the Flow of their journey.  Come prepared to be embraced by the flow of loving and gentle Energies.

Total Value  $197 

You pay $97 per month

I have felt and continue to feel the shifting and healing taking place in my body.  I feel the support, encouragement and uplifting you and the beings of light have offered. Your voice and calm insightful manner was so very soothing and comforting to me.  I felt comfortable with lots of individual attention at the same time being part of a group and anonymous.  You feel so loving and helpful without any judgment. Thank you!

Thank you for another very powerful session! The platform raising experience was amazing. Many blessings!

Thank you so much for transferring these lovely energies. They are so soothing and relaxing. I have had  a lot of trauma in life… So there is a great relief that I don’t feel like crying and that I can just relax and enjoy. I really love these energies and I am going to listen to the recordings every day. Looking forward for the next!  Sending you lots of love and blessings!