How do I prepare for our Private Session?

Prior to your Session, give consideration as to what you would like to focus on–an emotion, a situation, a challenge, a difficulty, a relationship (past or present)–or what changes in your life you would like to experience, such as, behaviors, habits, beliefs, perspective. Come to the Session with an open mind and a willingness to go where the Energies lovingly take us. Come exactly as you are as you will be fully accepted and lovingly supported.

What happens during a Private Session?

In our Session together, you can be comfortable and relaxed in your surroundings.  It’s best to be free of distractions or interruptions.  You will be encouraged to settle into the Energies and can keep your eyes open or close them at any point during our Session.  I’ll be sharing information with you throughout our time together and you are free to talk whenever you would like.  It’s an easy and open flow.

When will I feel the effects of our Session?

Typically, the effects are immediate, the benefits become evident very quickly and continue with time.  Most feel lighter or free from heavy energy that they’ve been carrying around.

How many Sessions will I need?

Each of our Sessions is special and unique to you and there are Energy shifts in every Session.  My Options are designed to help you gain maximum benefit, so choose the Options that call to you and that you can commit to.  You can benefit from any of my Options, so part of your consideration is the length of time that you can commit to.

How long does the benefit last?

The benefits are typically long lasting because once the source energy is cleared, it is gone.

How important is it to keep Bundled Sessions on track once started?

The timing of the Bundled Sessions can be designed for your maximum benefit.  We can determine the ideal timing together.

How does this work over the phone or internet?

Since energy is not bound by the physical world, I’m able to connect easily after many years of practice.

Can you work on another person in our Session?

Each situation is unique and there have been times that the Energies would support the good of family members through the person in my Session.  The Energies have also supported relationships in certain ways and in certain circumstances.  Each request is honored to the degree that is energetically allowable.

How does listening to the recordings help?

The recordings hold benefit similar to listening to your favorite music—you are affected by the vibrations.