Calmness in Uncertainty


When things begin to feel a little weird, it can be scary. Feeling scary is uncomfortable. When we’re uncertain about what’s going on, what’s going to happen tomorrow, next week, or in the next moment, we feel like we’re not in control. It can feel as if we’re rafting down a wild river without oars or motor and at the mercy of the currents.  

I want to let you know that it is possible to stay steady even when circumstances around you are wild, crazy, and unpredictable.   

There are things that you can do, be it for only a few moments or longer. One easy suggestion is to step outside. 

Being in nature and interacting physically is excellent because nature is calming. If you can’t be outside, look through a window, notice the sky, the treetops. Notice if the breeze is blowing. Do you hear birds, or at night, crickets?  

Learn to connect with nature; it’s very calming and has a steadiness to it. Even when it goes through its own turmoils, nature always returns to a calm state. Life goes on, we get through the trying times, and challenges settle out. 

When you make an effort to calm yourself, get grounded, and get centered, it affects not only you but also those around you. If you make the effort to balance your energies, it doesn’t necessarily fix your problems, but it will put you in a space where you can deal with life in a different way than you might have. 

I witnessed up close and personal someone who was in a total state of fear and panic, and it was a person who was known to be rational and methodical. They kind of lost it. They weren’t thinking clearly. I was grateful to have been there to bring clarity and calmness. 

Even though we don’t always have control of external events, staying in a calm and peaceful state is essential. 

Though times can feel uncertain, we get through them. Current events will be behind us and life will once again adapt into an adjusted new normal. 

We will have a greater and different appreciation because of what we have overcome and learned from the experience. 

There are always blessings and silver linings. You may not see them or feel them now, but they are there. 

Wishing you in every moment, peace, love, blessings–and calmness.