Would You Like to Bring More Joy Into Your Life


If you’re looking for ways to bring more joy into your life without leaving the comfort of your home, this is for you!

Learn my secrets for releasing the heavy feelings that weigh you down—the hurts, disappointments, regrets and more. 

If you’re suffering physically or emotionally, feeling stuck or confused, your energy can be shifted in amazing and beneficial ways.

Energy healing transforms unhealthy, stagnant energy (emotions) that you’ve stored from birth and throughout your life’s experiences.  


Let me teach you my PROVEN step-by-step approach to ENERGY HEALING. The exact same METHODS I’ve used for my own personal healing!


My 3-Step Process is based on 30+ years on the metaphysical path. Implement my tips and see results immediately.

As an Expert in perceiving and working with energy, my goal is to help you get free of your emotional baggage and clear the heavy energy you don’t even know you’re carrying. It’s also my desire to help people feel good about themselves and their lives. 

Most people don’t understand how energy healing works. The beauty of the techniques that I share with you is—YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW HOW IT WORKS—just do the techniques and they will work for you!


The steps I teach are simple and easy to use with life changing results! Learn how you bring more Joy into your life – TODAY!


Listen to the audios (take notes, if you’d like) as I walk you through each step in the process. I will describe how to easily begin working on healing yourself through identifying your energy field and giving you effective ways to protect it. I’ll share how you can easily create a better life and begin feeling better now.


The goal of energy healing is to free you from the stored emotions that cause discomfort in your life.


I can’t tell you how many times people come to me who have worked with others and have not seen the results they anticipated.

Fortunately, many of my clients are making continual progress with their energy healing and now I want to teach you exactly how to do it.


Everything I teach in this audio may be done in the comfort of your home!


What you’ll learn in this AUDIO:

  • What is your energy field and how can you protect it?
  • 5 ways to start bring more JOY into your life!
  • What do you tell yourself about yourself?

This is an audio course for you to follow along with so you can get started INSTANTLY after purchase and begin to see results!

My audio course is a simple step-by-step direction with actions you can take immediately!


“I was stressed and tense 24/7. My shoulders and back hurt so

badly, it burned like fire ants. I knew it was from the stress and

tension of my job, which was physically and mentally demanding.

Resentment would build up inside me every day. I turned to Avilone

because she had helped me in the past. She was able to release the

energies that were causing the pain and the calming effects were

immediate. I’m so grateful she’s been here to help me through the

tough times… I couldn’t have made it without her.” ~ JF


My “Bring More Joy Into Your Life” audio is your key to feeling better NOW!! 


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This comes with my no-risk, 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. I am so convinced that you will have results, I’m willing to take the risk of letting you experience the entire course, and then decide if it was for you. There is NOTHING to lose!