Are you wanting to be free of your emotional baggage
and don’t know how? 

Are you feeling that SOMETHING needs to change?  

What if that SOMETHING within you CAN change easily and gently?

You can NOW Experience the calm, loving Energies that gently release you to
Live, Love and Experience the life your Heart desires. 

Leave the suffering behind.  NOW is the time.

I love what I do because the Energies that set you free from the stored emotions are gentle, calm and loving.

It’s been a gift for me to see how people are transformed when they no longer carry their heavy emotional baggage.

People come to me to help free them from:

✔ Emotional pain from the past or present

✔ Physical pain caused by stored emotions

✔ Toxic relationships, past or present

✔ Childhood traumas

✔ Unhealthy habits and behaviors

✔ Confusion about their Life Path or Purpose

✔ Unsatisfying line of work

And so much more….

Each Session is conducted by Phone or Internet

I had a Session with Avilone and was impressed by all the things that came up that were accurate and specific to me.  She was able to identify many areas that have been a concern for me and address them.  She even picked up that my thoughts and feelings are sometimes “all over the place” and how that was affecting my energy.  There have been times in my life where I have felt scared and that was addressed, as well.  I was amazed when the coldness in my feet and legs came up and what the source of it was. Then she brought up and was able to address the heat and sweating that I’ve had for 15 years.  When the Session was ending, I could feel quite a bit of tingling and energy moving.  I also had an emotional release, which I was grateful that she didn’t have to identify where it was coming from but just release it. She cleared a massive amount of energy in my chest which I felt right away. It was a lightness I haven’t felt in over ten years. I felt clear and peaceful throughout the whole session. It was amazing the issues that were covered in our first Session and I’m looking forward to our next! Avilone is an amazing gift!! I’ve had many sessions before with others and never felt the amount of progress as I did with her! She is kind and compassionate! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience!

I can’t thank you enough for the shifts I am experiencing!  💖 You are amazing!!


Avilone helped change my overall perspective on life from one that was negative and fearful to one that is accepting, more calm and more secure.  I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life and my thoughts were always tinged with fear and scarcity. During our first session, after reading into my energy, Avilone told me that she needed me to know that I was “safe in this world”.  Hearing that gave me an enormous sense of relief that I began integrating into my daily “self talk”. This has completely transformed how I think and feel for the better! I am so grateful to Avilone for the sense of peace and calm I now have.  I couldn’t have done it without her help! She has an amazing gift to share and I sincerely hope that everyone gets the opportunity to experience it!


In my Private Sessions you will experience my unique, one-of-a-kind energy healing.

It is in your Private Sessions with me that your journey begins. 

In each Session, I connect with you for the gentle shedding of the unhealthy emotions.

Some of my clients have even felt the stored energy leave, bringing to them a lightness and relief. 

In each Session, you are held in a safe space for the calm and gentle release of the stored emotions that are longing to be set free.  

What you will feel is relaxing, calming Energies that easily lift away the stuck emotions that are the root cause of your pain and hurt.

My energy work is unique and, typically, the results are immediate,
the benefits become evident very quickly and continue with time.

My approach is gentle, calm and loving and is NOT about re-living anything!

Ready to be free from the hurts and pain of your past?

Your path to emotional relief and freedom begins with YOU! 

It’s time to let go of the Hurts and Embrace Your Future

Take the first step and Accelerate Your Life! 

Each Session is conducted by Phone or Internet


$127 for One 30-Minute Private Session

When I woke up the next day, I realized not only did my back feel great, but pain was gone!  A recent pain in my right knee is completely Gone. My Heartfelt Thanks to you!


Thank you so much! Every session just amazes me how huge and visible the shifts are!! Looking forward to more.

Love, BC

My new motto started Monday morning with my waking thought! I’m Free, I’m free to be me.

Love, SE

I had several sessions with Avilone and had wonderful results. After the first session, I felt an ease, physically, mentally & spiritually. With each session, the effects deepened. The tension in my body has eased. I have clearer access to my own intuition. I can feel energy flowing more freely, especially through my heart. It felt like once she had cleared the energetic clutter, I was able to clear some outer clutter; I completed some projects I had been putting off and  I also lost a few pounds. I have already recommended Avilone to several friends.


$127 for One 30-Minute Private Session