Accelerate Your Life Program™

I am excited about my Accelerate Your Life Program™ !


I love what I do because the Energies that set you free from the stored emotions are gentle, calm and loving.

It’s been a gift for me to see how people are Transformed when they no longer carry their heavy emotional baggage.

In my Accelerate Your Life Program™  you will experience my unique, one-of-a-kind Private Sessions.  It is in your Private Sessions with me that your journey begins.  In each Session, I connect with you for the gentle shedding of the unhealthy emotions.

Some of my clients have even felt the stored energy leave, bringing to them a lightness and relief.  In each Session, you are held in a safe space for the calm and gentle release of the stored emotions that are longing to be set free.  What you will feel is relaxing, calming Energies that easily lift away the stuck emotions that are the root cause of your pain and hurt.

People come to me because they want to be free from their hurts, regrets, sadness, disappointments and more.  YOU, just like many people, begin to realize that hurt and pain are interfering with your living the life you really want.

Most people just want to feel good!

And perhaps, like you, don’t know how to release and be free of hurts and pain in a way that is gentle and especially, in a way that is not about re-living anything!

You can NOW Experience the calm, loving Energies that gently release you to Live, Love and Experience the life your Heart desires. 

Leave the suffering behind.  NOW is the time.

People come to me to help free them from:

  • Emotional pain from the past or present
  • Physical pain caused by stored emotions
  • Toxic relationships, past or present
  • Childhood traumas
  • Unhealthy habits and behaviors
  • Confusion about their Life Path or Purpose
  • A job that isn’t satisfying
  • And so much more….

 I help people from all walks of life gently let go of their stored emotions so they are free to embrace feeling good.

Whatever you are experiencing, my help is now available.  I’ve become Adept at working with energy and am an Expert in helping people like you get unstuck and move forward in their life.

My energy work is unique and, typically, the results are immediate, the benefits become evident very quickly and continue with time.

My approach is gentle, calm and loving and is NOT about re-living anything!


Your path to emotional relief and freedom begins with YOU! 

Take the first step so we can get started today! 

This may be the Program YOU’VE been WAITING for!

Let go of the Hurts–Embrace Your Future–Enroll Today!

$127 for One 30-Minute Private Session

I’m free, I’m free to be me!  This was my waking thought the first day after working with Avilone.  I was immediately aware of a lightness in my perception right from the start.  I was more present and less reactive to others.  I stored so much evidence and information that ruminating was normal for me.  That need to validate is now gone.  It’s like the baggage is cleared away. I’m sleeping better and have more peace each day and am no longer rushing–even my driving is less aggressive. It is interesting new behavior.  I have less self judgment and less negative self-talk. I found real value and the shifts were immediate.Then, I worked with Avilone for a second session 2 weeks later. After describing improvements I wanted  with my health, we worked on some deep levels of resentment and anger, also  unforgiveness.  My heart got a much needed adjustment and I do feel lighter in spirit.  It was like I was living life with my shoes on the wrong feet and I didn’t know.  So I am very grateful for the Energies that Avilone has the abilities to work with!

Thank you!  Sea

Avilone, Powerful doesn’t begin to describe what you and the Energies are able to do.  Each session was an electrifying moment in time. What you and the Energies do is beyond anything I have experienced during my journey of awakening. I look forward to each session because one leads to another in my healing and discovery of myself and my soul purpose here. I was led to you by Universal Forces of Love and Light.  I can’t say it enough.  Each Session has been Powerful. 

Love you Avilone, Barbara